Help to purchase tickets

Ticket booking from the Festival of Wonders website

Select EVENTS and click on the show you want to buy a ticket for. 

At the bottom of the description for the performance is a link to “Buy tickets here”  

Click on the link. In the next screen, press BUY TICKET (KØB BILLET) and select the number of tickets etc. (Ad to the basket) 

Select the next performance and use the same procedure. 

When you have chosen the performances you want, you finish with payment and something about how you want to receive the tickets, etc. (Print yourself or shipping) 

Ticket booking from 

Go to 

In the search field at the top of the page, write: Dukketeaterfestival 

Now comes a list of all performances at the Festival of Wonder 

From here, the procedure is the same as described under “Ticket booking from the Festival of Wonders website”. 

Festival of Wonder 2021