Matej Forman and Teater Lampion – A magic native play

Nativity plays in many variations are incredibly popular in the Czech Republic in the run up to Christmas. In 2021, Matej Forman, in collaboration with Teater Lampion, the Prague Symphony Orchestra and Kühn’s mixed choir, has created a performance based on Jakub Jan Ryba’s well-known Christmas fair and an impressive nativity play. Musicians, puppeteers and singers work together in a very successful performance. The result is a magical performance, where theater scenography meets
baroque architecture, and where the Christmas story evokes a gentle touching feeling, a kind of humor of the pleasant kind, where the raw baroque comedy does not exist. The performance premiered on 3 December 2021 in St. Simon and Judy Church in Prague and was a great success. Czech TV recorded a film of the performance, which was broadcast on 24.12.2021.

With the permission of Czech TV, we show this performance.

Matej Forman gives a short introduction before the screening

Instructor: Matej Forman, Scenografi: Matej Forman
Composer: Jakub Jan Ryba, Dirigent: Zdenek Klauda
Puppets and masks: Tereza Komárkova, Antonin Malon og Josef Sodomka
Costumes: Andrea Sodomkova
Choreography: Veronika Svabova og Tereza Hradilkova
Playwright: Matous Danzer
Sound: Philippe Leforestier


Age: From 12 år
Language: English and Czech
Price: Free (ticket not needed)
Duration: 70 min.


Bio Silkeborg
Friday 11/11 kl. 15:00


Free entrance

Festival of Wonder 2021