Exhibition at Museum Silkeborg Stuchlá’s Little Freakshow Obludarium

By Stanislava Stuchlá, Prague

With permission from Forman Brothers Theatre you will be able to see a beautiful and surprising exhibit with puppets and scenes in mini format, just like ‘Obludarium’ which will be presented in the theatre’s wonderful theatre building by the harbor in Silkeborg.

So you will be able to see Forman Brothers Theatre’s Obludarium by the harbor and in miniature at Museum Silkeborg. There are only 50 meters between these two venues.

At the exhibit you will meet the strong man, dancing puppet, the dancer in the ‘world’s largest dress’, a horse in miniature scale, and much much more. And they move!

Don’t miss this chance to see both sizes of the show.

Artist: Stanislava Stuchla. Besides being an artist, Stanislava Stuchla is an eye doctor with a clinic in Prague.

Puppets and idea: Stanislava Stuchlá
Tent: Pavel Liška


Age: All
Language: Non verbal
Price: 75 kr. – Free for children under 18 years.Entrance fee also gives access to the other exhibitions of the museum e.g. Tollund manden


Museum Silkeborg

Open from 10/11 to 29/12
Opening hours:11:00-16:00


Tickets are purchased at the entrance

Festival of Wonder 2021