The Baroque Opera


The baroque Opera

The performance `The Baroque Opera’ is a humorous puppet opera with live song and music and outstanding puppet manipulation. It has been presented at Festival of Wonder many times. Forman Brothers Theatre, creators of the show, have made a special film of this wonderful puppetry performance. The show no longer exists but we would like to present the film.

The show is based on a classic Czech opera about a controversy between an entrepreneur and the workers during the building of a chimney. Everything is chaotic because of three little evil boys. This play has been a favorite with audiences at countless festivals around the world and after many requests, it returns to Silkeborg as a film. Besides puppetry Petr and Matej Forman are also known for grand performances at National Theatre and at the opera in Prague and other cities. We can name Phil Glass opera ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the boat performance ‘Purple Sails’, which took place on the Vltava river in Prague.

Artists: Matej Forman, Petr Forman, Milan Forman, Zdenek Boruvka og Vitek Janda.
Composer: Karel Loos.
Idea: Ctibor Turba.


Age: All
Language: Almost no language/ Non Verbal
Price: Free
Duration: 58 min


Bio Silkeborg

Saturday 12/11 kl. 13:00


Free entrance

Festival of Wonder 2021