The Power of the Puppet

A Two Days Master Class by Neville Tranter

The theme of the workshop is to help explore and teach participants the possibilities of the puppet as a strong theatrical medium.

Furthermore there will be a strong emphasis on the role of the puppeteer as a performing actor himself. The puppeteer does not disappear behind the puppets. His presence on stage is an integral part in the performance.

The participants will work with a puppet and bring it to “life”. They can bring with them a puppet of their own, but this is not necessary.

Scenes will then be developed with the puppet to create short dramatically studies and situations. The participants will not only interact with the puppet but also with the other participants in creating the scenes. The input of the participants plays a big role.

The workshop will start with students alternately working with a puppet without text. Attention will be given to:

  • how the manipulations of the puppet affects the audience.
  • how the roles of puppet and puppeteer are interchangeable (who serves who? ).
  • differences between the “body language” of the puppet and that of the puppeteer

Individual students as well as small groups will practice this in front of the other participants.


Price: 850 DKK / 115 EURO. Included in the fee is 2 x lunch and 2x coffee
Participants: Adults with interest in puppetry
Language: English



Thursday 10/11 and Friday 11/11
Both days 10-13 and 14-16

Festival of Wonder 2021