teater om kat fugl fisk

Teatret OM


Wordless show inspired by Klee’s fantastic and imaginative universe. In a play with shadow play and geometric shapes, the elements come alive and find together in new ways before the eyes of the audience: dots, lines, animals and cities emerge and disappear again.

The set design is a cozy space inspired by Paul Klee’s many paintings of houses. CAT · BIRD · FISH is full of newly composed music by the Norwegian drummer and composer Håkon Berre.

Klee’s paintings are architectural, poetic, round, angular and fragmentary. He started each image with an abstract symbol – a square, a triangle, a circle, a line or a dot – and then let the motif evolve or grow almost like a living organism. Klee was interested in movement and process. It was more important to him than the result, which remained open until the end – just like children’s play and imagination.We hope that our audience – the children – through the encounter with Paul Klee’s marvelous world, will feel like exploring the art of painting with their adults.

Performers: Annemarie Waagepetersen and Sara Ballestri
Scenography: Antonella Diana
Scenography assistant : Sara Ballestri
Costumes: Antonella Diana
Music: Håkon Berre
Objekts: Deborah Hunt


Age: 4-8 år and adults
Language: Non verbal
Price: 50 kr.
Duration: 35 min.



Friday 11/11 kl. 12:30 (Closed show)
Friday 11/11 kl. 14:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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