Det foererloese menneske

Det Olske Orkester

The Automotive Man

In “The Automotive Man” we follow a lonely person from the digital world, turning back time to the 1960s, a time with mail carriers, land line telephones, and thick books, in an attempt to re-establish contact with social skills and physical needs of the body. But something has been lost. He peeks out of the letter slot for hours, lifts the telephone and listens every other minute, only to be more and more disappointed. Will he never again be able to contact his true self? As he tries again and again, he is bothered by restless abstinences for the digital world and longing for the automatic robot- inhabited present time he left behind.

“The Automotive Man” is a tragic comedy, a non verbal slapstick performance – a duet with actor and mime Øyvind Kirchhoff in the lead role. It is based on 6 years’ study of Edward Gordon Craig’s ideas of ‘Übermarionetten’.

Performer: Øyvind Kirchhoff
Playwright and director: Lotte Faarup
Light design and special effects: Jon Gelting
Sound design: Jonas Jørgensen
Scenography and puppets: Rolf Søborg Hansen
Co Produktion: Teater Katapult

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Age: Adults
Language: Non verbal
Price: 50 kr.
Duration: 75 min.



Thursday 10/11 kl.16:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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