Forman aabningsaften

Opening Night

Welcome to this very special evening, with the festive opening of four days of theatre in Silkeborg. At the same time we celebrate this 25th festival of the festival’s 36 year history. The opening performance is ’Deadtown’, with the Czech Theatre Forman Brothers of Prague. The show takes us more than 100 years back in time to when people from many European countries emigrated to USA to experience real cowboys, pretty ladies and the free and wild life on the prairie. This show is for everybody older than about 10 while adults can remember their childhood games of ‘good guys and bad guys’. 18 actors and puppeteers take you on an exciting and enjoyable journey for all ages.

The evening is in two parts During the first half, which lasts circa 15 minutes, we celebrate the opening of the 25th Festival of Wonder. Then you can look forward to a fantastic Wild West experience complete with live music. Welcome to an exhilarating evening, filled with surprises, a fitting start to Festival of Wonder 2022.


Jysk Musikteater

Thursday 10/11 kl. 19:00

Festival of Wonder 2021