Forman A Poetic Meeting

Petr Pisa / Forman Brothers Theatre, Prag

A Poetic Meeting in the Moonlight

Festival of Wonder is proud to present a unique outside performance, which tells of a meeting between an 8 meter tall puppet and a dancer, high up in the evening sky.

The puppet is manipulated by 9 puppeteers, while the moonlight meeting is accompanied by newly composed music of Marko Ivanovic, one of the most prominent composers in Czech Republic. This giant puppet, which was part of the events surrounding the opening of Plzen, European Capital of Culture 2015, was made by Josef Sodomka og Petr Pisa. They are both in Silkeborg with the giant puppet and with the performance Obludarium.

The show in Silkeborg came about through cooperation between Festival of Wonder and Petr Forman, artistic director of PLZEN, European Capital of Culture 2015 and supported by Silkeborg Municipal.

Director: Petr Forman
Puppet: Josef Sodomka and Petr Pisa
Music: Marko Ivanovic
Choreographer: Veronika Svabova

Foto: Peter Birk

Watch video about the performance


Age: All
Language: Non Verbal
Price: Free
Duration: 20 min.


Outside Jysk Musikteater

Thursday 10/11 kl. 18.30
Friday 11/11 kl. 18:30
Saturday 12/11 kl. 18:30


Free entrance

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