Forman. Obludarium

Forman Brothers Theatre, Prague


Obludarium is a unique circus performance, combining marionettes, masks, dance and live music. In all there are 15 artistes on stage in the theatre’s own beautiful theatre building, built especially for this production.

The show is a sort of new circus with an old-fashioned atmosphere. A bit like watching an old movie with monsters and oddities like the bearded woman, the strongest man in the world, and so on. The show moves gracefully between moments of slapstick humour and pure poetry. There are wonderful costumes, beautiful music and many surprises.

Experience dance, puppet manipulation and mask theatre done in ways you have probably never seen. Festival of Wonder has previously presented this wonderful show. We are asked again and again to bring it back to Silkeborg. Here is your chance to see it – maybe your last chance?

Concept: Matej Forman and Petr Forman
Director: Petr Forman
Performers: Matej Forman, Veronika Švábová, Vladimír Javorský, Petr Forman, Miroslav Kochánek /Michael Vodenka, Kristýna Liška, Boková /Jana Vránová, Petr Píša, Josef Sodomka, Petra Brabcová
Scenography: Josef Sodomka, Anti Sodomkova and Matej Forman
Choreographer: Veronika Švabova
Playwright: Ivan Arsenjev, Petr Forman and Veronika Švabova
Music: Marko Ivanovic, Jarda Svoboda and Stari Mistri
Musicians: Jan Andr / Daniel Wunsch, Martin Zavodan/ Stanislav Macha, Jan ˇCižek/ Jakub Mašek
Light: Zdenek Borüvka / Petr Horky
Sound: Philippe Tivillier
Costumes: Anti Sodomkova and Josef Sodomka
Theatre Building: Matej Forman, Antonín Malon, Napo

Foto: Irena Vodakova


Age: From 10 years and adults
Language: Little English / Non verbal
Price: 200 DKK
Duration: 90 min.


Saturday 12/11 kl. 20:30
Sunday 13/11 kl. 13:00
Sunday 13/11 kl. 17:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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