Teater MY / Teater Refleksion

Soon everything will be now

A performance about the present and the most important moments

The whole earth is turning now. I look out; everything I need is right here:

My swing, my lamp and my shoes, which run fast. Leaves which fall from the trees and roosters that crow. Everything which makes me happy is here and everything which is fun.

Strange things which I don’t understand. Things which hurt and things I don’t want to do.

Everything that tickles in my stomach and things which taste good.

Everything which is almost here. Everything which is here right now.

In 2006 Teater Refleksion and Teater MY created the show ‘Songs From Above’, which has enchanted children and adults around the world. Once again the two Reumert Award winning theatres join their unique and characteristic styles in a new performance.

Performers: Mette Rosleff and Sigurd Dissing
Text: Mette Rosleff
Director: Nina Kareis
Co-director: Bjarne Sandborg
Scenography/puppets: Sigurd Dissing
Light: Morten Ladefoged
Music: Pete Livingstone
Illustration: Tanja Eijgendaal

Foto: Tanja Eijgendaal

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Age: 2-5 year
Language: Danish
Price: 50 DKK
Duration: 30 min.



Friday 11/11 kl. 16:30
Saturday 12/11 kl. 10:00
Sunday 13/11 kl.14:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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