Teatret Svanen

The Devil’s three gold hairs

The Devil’s three gold hairs‘ is a marionette performance in a classic baroque puppetry design.

It is about the boy Bøje, whose fortune was told at birth, that one day he would marry the princess and be king of the land.

By chance the king overheard this prediction. He became very angry and decided that with all his power he would change the prophecy. Will he be successful?

A warm and humoristic adaptation of the fairy tale by Brothers Grim.

Puppets and decoration are created by the world-famous Czech puppet theatre Divadlo Drak in Hradec Kralové.

Press: `
“The children were entranced by the story which is both funny and scary. A real puppet performance which deserves a large audience.”

Performers: Patricie Homolová & Kim Westi
Scenography & puppets: Marek Zákostelecký
Music: Nikolaj Westi
Light: Jonas Krogager


Age: All family from 4 year
Language: Danish
Price: 50 DKK
Duration: 40 min.



Saturday 12/11 kl. 13:00
Sunday 13/11 kl. 14:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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