Plexus polaire. Dracula

Theatre Plexus Polaire, France

Dracula, Lucy’s Dream


Inspired by its Icelandic translation, Yngvild Aspeli revisits the myth of Dracula for her first collaboration with the Puppentheater Halle.

With her team of creators (music, video, puppets, scenography), she plunges into this dark and immortal secret of human nature, transmitted from generation to generation. This mysterious creature that hides in the shadow of the human heart.

This intimate beast that sometimes takes over and transforms a person into a lethal force that feeds on fear and fresh blood.

Driven by external and internal forces, the chorus of 5 actor- puppeteers blur the line between life and death, becoming undead when the puppets turn out to be more alive than ordinary mortals.

See it if you dare!

Director: Yngvild Aspeli
Performers: Luise Bose, Luise Hennig, Louise Nowitzki, Nils Dreschke, Sebastian Fortak
Music Composer: Ane Marthe Sorlien Holen
Puppets: Yngvild Aspeli, Pascale Blaison, Manon Dublanc, Elise Nicod
Video: David Lejard-Ruffet
Scenography : Elisabeth Holager Lund
Playwright: Ralf Meyer

Foto: Raynaud de Lage


Age: From 14 year
Language: Non verbal
Price: 75 DKK
Duration: 90 min.


Jysk Musikteater

Sunday 13/11 kl. 19:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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