Naive theatre Choo choo

Naïve Theatre, The Czech Republic

Choo Choo Whistle Woof  (About Dogs and Trains)


This non-verbal performance is meant for the youngest children, train enthusiasts and passionate dog lovers.

On a specially built stage a large railway takes form, and a story about a dog who decides to overcome his fear of the unknown in order to find his ‘girl dog friend’.

On his journey to find his love he develops many new dog friendships, friends who help him in his search.

Naivni Theatre from Liberec is the largest and oldest Czech children’s theatre. The theatre has a large repertoire of performances, several of which have been presented at Festival of Wonder. This show is the theatre’s most recent production, having had its premier just before Corona took over.

After each performance it will be possible for the audience to play with the puppets, train, etc.

Director: Michaela Homolová
Playwright: Vít Peřina
Scenography and puppets: Robert Smolík
Composer: Filip Homola
Performers: Filip Homola, Adam Kubišta, Marek Sýkora, Antonín Týmal


Age: From 3 years
Language: Non verbal
Prices: 50 kr.
Duration: 40 minutes


Den Kreative Skole

Saturday 12/11 kl. 13:00
Saturday 12/11 kl. 16:00
Sunday 13/11 kl. 10:00
Sunday 13/11 kl.15:00


Ticket sales start on September 15th 2022, at 10:00

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